Preparing for your Portrait Session

A little advance preparation goes a long way. Here are some tips for making your portrait session a success:

1) Do some initial research. Look at photographs you like on Pinterest or elsewhere and show them to me. I can't guarantee I can give you a similar photo, but I'll have a better sense of what you're looking for in your session and certainly try.

2) Think about props. Are there props in the photos you like? Do you have these and can bring them?

3) Think about what to wear. In doing so, what image are you trying to project? Wear clothing that matches that image. In general, stay away from "busy" clothing. Wear clothes that you like and/or look and feel good in. If it's a group photo, try to coordinate colors and styles of clothing in advance. If it's a headshot, do not wear short sleeves. Sleeveless is okay and long sleeves are best. The colors in new clothing will look great, but make sure your clothing is wrinkle free. Wear colors that are flattering to you.

4) Come to your session clean and with your hair and make-up as you like. Do not chew gum or have anything in your mouth. Be yourself.

5) During the photography, bend any part of your body that bends. I will remind you of this throughout the session, but it's good for you to think about this in advance.  In couples photography or family photography, we will do both posed and candid images. Interact with one another. Move. Walk. Talk. Tell jokes. Laugh. Have fun!

6) Be on time and do not be in a hurry to finish. Set aside the amount of time we've designated and hold to it.

7) If for some reason you need to reschedule your session, text me that at your earliest convenience. If anyone in your party is sick with even a mild fever, consider rescheduling.

8) Come with a positive attitude and relax. I think you will enjoy your session and want to come back.