Oh my goodness, Mary - you are amazing!! These turned out absolutely beautiful! You are so talented - you would never know that [ ] just wanted to sit on the couch, haha. You totally captured so much of her personality!  We cannot thank you enough. I absolutely love the first one … I feel like I want a poster of it! Okay, I think I want a poster of all of them, haha.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us.  --Courtney


Hi Mary - The photos are awesome! Thanks for taking the extra time to capture [  ]. We’re thinking about doing family photos at the end of the year so I’ll be reaching back out to you. Love the pictures. Thanks again! -- Megan


I had the great fortune of finding Mary Rice Photography … and I simply could not be more pleased with the entire experience, from our initial communication to the quick turnaround of a phenomenal finished product. Mary is a consummate professional with an extremely gifted and learned eye, yet very engaging, highly personable and an absolute joy to work with. The whole experience far exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend Mary Rice Photography to any and all in need of her exemplary services. What a find! Thank you Mary!

-- Andre


Mary was engaging and put me totally at ease during the session. She spent a lot of time getting just the right lighting and pose. I love my new headshots! - Marnie


Mary was great to work with. Very relaxed atmosphere and I got just what I needed for photos. Thank you! -- Kaarin


My family was very impressed with her service. She was patient and understanding. We had a good time. --Pam


Fantastic experience! Worked with my schedule and had the shots back to me very quickly. Highly recommend!!! - Brandon


Mary is a joy to work with....talented Creative and true Professional. She has pulled together Holiday Cards for our customers utilizing our Bags and Leather Goods in innovative ways. She continues to help us augment and refresh our site with imaginative and authentic product/lifestyle shots; especially when we add new categories like Scarves and Bracelets. Mary ties these into our Brand DNA seamlessly. Lastly, she has been our Product Photographer for basic white/borderless images to meet Nordstrom, Zappos, eBags standards. Not one single rejection! I highly recommend Mary for any and all Photographic and Creative needs. -- Bobby


Mary! [ ]’s 12 months pictures are amazing! You always manage to capture awesome shots even when he isn’t cooperating.:) Thank you so much! -- Amanda


Hi Mary...We have received A LOT of compliments about your pictures and we will be sharing your contact information with our friends who are expecting - there are twelve couples in our church that are due in the next six months alone! Looking forward to more opportunities for pictures of [ ] in the near future! --Michael


Hi Mary. Thanks so much. I bought them all. I am now getting them all organized and printed. They turned out phenomenal! --Larisa


We just loved Mary. -- Rebecca


Thank you Mary! The pictures are absolutely beautiful … His expressions are super cute. Thanks so much. -- Megan


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for being involved in the triathlon. You were such a treat to work with, easy to communicate with, and overall just a pleasure to have around. I glimpsed briefly through all the photos on the website last night and they are amazing. You certainly captured the gist of the event on a larger scale, but on a more meaningful note you captured some very up-close and special moments between children and their buddies and families, and THAT is really what I was looking for. More formal thank yous to come soon. -- Kelley


Dear Ms. Rice - I am writing to ask permission to use two of your images [from the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill] as subjects for watercolor. I will clearly state on the back of my work that it is inspired by your photography. -- Marcheta


Yay! LOVE THEM!! You did a fantastic job!!!

[2 months later] Hi there. Thank you again for the fantastic pictures! I finally have them on display at home :) Took awhile but finally done! Everyone loves them! I wanted to ask you about the possibility of getting photos for my son’s baseball team … -- Bunny


Thank you for taking [ ]’s portrait and for all of the prints. You are so generous and talented! -- Bridget


We love the photos, Mary. Hope your holidays ahead are fun and not too busy with photo shoots. I am grateful that we/you got such nice outdoor shots late in November -- the venue has meaning to our family so thanks for suggesting it. - Teris


and some comments in response to Mary's Blog:

Thank you Mary, just beautiful. I've never heard the term "Godwink" but know it well. You've reminded me to look for those moments. -- Julie


Beautiful photo, Mary, and a thoughtful and hopeful blog. Thanks! --Susan


Stunning pictures, Mary, and the reflection photo is so creative! Thanks for sharing your talent. -- Julia


I love this. I remember the Jesus bakery and all your photos are true, if that makes sense. Thank you. -- Nancy


As always, love seeing your beautiful photos! -- Grace


Beautiful, MC -- MCM


Very peaceful thoughts. Thank you, as I look out my son's brand new Brooklyn apt with large picture windows. We now sip wine after unpacking boxes all day and I read your thoughts. Cloudless sky but that too is peaceful as the sky is clear and there is the beginning of a sunset. Thank you for thinking of clouds as calming. It helps with all that's going on. -- Holly